Lekeshia Angelique Consulting

Professional Development and Empowerment Brand for BIPOC Women in Corporate Spaces

  • Shopify Website Design
  • Custom AI Image Creation

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Project Info

Lekeshia Angelique Consulting aims to change the corporate culture narrative by providing BIPOC women with the tools they need to navigate, document, and celebrate their professional journeys.

When the founder, a woman of color who had firsthand experience navigating the corporate world, was set to release her powerful workbook, Receipts & Revelations, she turned to me to create an online home for her impactful resource. My task was to design a website that would not only showcase the groundbreaking workbook but also highlight their line of empowering apparel and accessories.

Shopify Website Design

Dive into each expertly crafted page

Launch Graphics

A set of eye-catching visuals strategically crafted to generate anticipation and excitement for the website launch, suitable for sharing in social media posts, marketing emails, and more.

Custom AI Images

Custom AI images were created for their website, enhancing the overall visual appeal. Here's a peak at them.