The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

The Not Your Average Midjourney Prompt eBooks

Ready to Transform Your Brand's Image?

The Not Your Average eBooks are packed with 50 Midjourney Prompts, tailor-made for ambitious beauty entrepreneurs who want to elevate their brand's visuals with AI images.

Created With Brands In Mind.

Regardless of your brand aesthetic, our prompts empower you to create stunning AI images that captivate your audience and set your brand apart.

Do You Want Scroll-Stopping Visuals?

Well, of course you do.

The REAL question is - how do you get them?

Packed with expertly crafted Midjourney prompts, our eBooks provide the ultimate solution for achieving scroll-stopping AI images with ease.

No more guesswork.
No more frustration.

What's Included?

50 Image Prompts

Packed with 50 Midjourney image prompts per eBook, our collection of prompts ensures you'll have an abundance of options to generate stunning, lifelike images for your brand visuals.

100 AI Images

Included with each prompt are 2 AI images it generated, giving you 100 rich images at your fingertips. Use them to enhance your design projects, as reference images, or to spark your creativity.

Immediately after purchase, you'll receive a .zip file with 3 items:
The eBook, the related AI images, and a text-only version of the eBook.

We recommend initially unzipping and downloading the files on a laptop or desktop computer but feel free to use whichever device is most convenient for you.


Soft & Chic Edition

Create stunning images with gentle lighting, luminous shadows, and glowing skin. Tailored for brands desiring sophistication and a refined aesthetic.


Bold & Edgy Edition

Create eye-catching images with edgy looks, bold backgrounds, and vibrant colors. Perfect for brands who want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.


Bold & Soft Bundle

Get the best of both worlds with our eBook bundle. No matter your vision, you'll have the prompts to create images that cater to any aesthetic.

How do you use these prompts in Midjourney?

Copy. Paste. Create. Enjoy.

Yes. It's really that simple.

Not sure if our prompts are right for you?

Discover for FREE! Download 3 Midjourney Prompts at no cost to see the results firsthand.

 Got questions? We've got answers.

Can any type of business use these prompts?

The prompts in our eBooks are primarily tailored for beauty brands specializing in Haircare, Skincare, Cosmetics, Wigs or Hair Extensions.

But hey, don't let that limit you! If you have a business in Fashion, Podcasting, Blogging, or any other creative outlet, these prompts could work wonders for you too.

And if you're a designer looking to make your clients' brands stand out, well, consider these prompts your new best friend!

While we can’t guarantee that every image Midjourney produces will be top quality, these prompts will definitely set you on the right path.

Our AI image prompts are designed to produce high-quality, realistic images that rival traditional photography. With careful attention to detail and advanced Midjourney technology, the results speak for themselves.

Yes! We encourage you to customize the prompts as needed to align with your brand's specific vision and aesthetic preferences.

Feel free to customize details such as gender, race, colors, aspect ratio, and more.

You have 2 options:

Option 1

Use the images in your designs or brand materials, including social media posts, websites, printed materials, and more. The only restriction is that you cannot resell or distribute them.

Option 2

Use an image as a reference in Midjourney. To do so, upload the image to Midjourney > Right click and copy the link > Paste the link in the /Imagine tab > Then paste the prompt afterwards.

This will help ensure your results resemble the reference image more closely.

You will need to have a subscription and access to Midjourney to utilize our AI image prompts as intended.

Join Midjourney HERE.

While our image prompts were crafted specifically for Midjourney, you can input them into other AI image generator software. 

Our image prompts are perfect for enhancing your brand's visual presence across multiple platforms such as websites, social media, advertisements, and more.

You can utilize the AI images created with our prompts in accordance with the Terms of Service of the AI generator. Learn more directly from Midjourney, in Section 4 HERE.

But rest assured, there are no limitations on our end.

We do offer Master Resell Rights of each eBook and its contents. To inquire, contact us HERE

Without obtaining Master Resell Rights and written permission from us, you are not permitted to resell, redistribute or give away any images or prompts included in our eBooks.

If you encounter any issues with downloading our ebook or accessing it’s contents, contact us HERE. We're happy to help! 

If you have any technical issues while using Midjourney, refer to Midjourney for support HERE.

No, there's no need to credit or attribute the images generated using our prompts. Enjoy full freedom and flexibility to use them however you wish, without any obligations or restrictions by us.

We don't claim ownership of the images you generate with our prompts—they're entirely yours.

Per the current Midjourney Terms of Service, you maintain full ownership of any original images you produce. However, please note that premade images, including those featured in this ebook, are exempt.

Learn more about ownership rights directly from Midjourney, in Section 4 HERE.

Since our eBooks are accessible immediately after purchase, we do not offer refunds.

But don't worry, we've got your back! If you're having trouble accessing the eBook(s), its contents, or need a hand with anything, simply contact us at

We're here to help and make sure you're happy with your purchase.