Essentials Package - What's Included

Included items are in pink.

> Primary Logo
This is your brand’s go-to logo and the one you’ll likely use most regularly.

> Alternate Logo
Think of this as your main logos sister. This logo will compliment your main logo but will be different. Does your primary logo have a horizontal layout? Then your alternate logo will be the vertical version. Besides the layout, alternate logos could include a more simplified version of your primary logo.

> Submark Logo
This is your brand’s monogram. Think of the McDonalds M or the double G emblem by Gucci, these are submarks. Your submark is a simple icon you can use and are especially good in tighter design spaces.

Why do I need all these? Having different logo options will ensure that you have a logo for any visual branding situation. From packaging, websites, social media content and banners, digital prints and more, you'll be covered.

Additional Logo Design Details:

  • Each of your logos will be professionally designed in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Final files sent in .PNG, .JPEG, .SVG, .EPS
  • Logos will be in color, all black, and all white

 In this package you'll also receive,

> Custom color palette with HEX Codes 

A curated color palette will ensure your colors speak to your audience and that the same exact colors are used amongst all of your branding. As an example, let's say one of your brand colors is pink. But what shade of pink? Knowing your exact colors and HEX Codes will ensure consistency amongst your visual branding.

> Brand Typography

You’ll get the exact font(s) names used in your logo. With this, you will know which fonts to use if you’re working on your own branding or choose to work with a different designer in the future.

> Brand Inspiration Mood Board 

This will be a visual reference to guide you with branding inspiration. 

> Brand Textures/Patterns (if any) 

If any gradients or textures are used in your logos or patterns custom created for your brand, you will receive those files to reference or use in future branding designs.

> Brand Guide

Your brand guide will be a curated .pdf that covers all of your branding listed above. This will serve as a great go-to resource for any future visuals you or your staff may need to create.


But do I really need all of this? 

YES! You really do.